Building Strength Beyond Structures

We help residential construction workers to positively meet daily mental, physical and relationship challenges.

What is Mental Fitness?

Mental fitness is the strength and resilience of our mind. Our mind, physical body and social relationships are all connected, so we need to work on all three.

Get some ideas and inspiration from the LWBW team and contributors


No LWBW is a program that talks about mental fitness.

The focus is directly on learning skills and implementing health habits to boost resilience and prevent physical and mental illness. The program’s main goal is to empower people to take control of their mental health and well-being through education, support, and resources.

No, there are no costs to take part in the program.  This program is completely free for all users. Our mission at Live Well Build Well is to promote healthy living and provide resources and tools to help builders and tradies live a happy and healthy work life, 


We discuss the power of storytelling, we discuss the positive aspects of mental health, we discuss the benefits of investing in one’s wellbeing by making small improvements to daily routines. We discuss the importance of self awareness, having purpose and being aware of what you focus on. We talk about some of the stand-out ideas builders and tradies are using to overcome life’s hurdles.

The Mental Health Foundation is the legal entity for the program. ACC is the pilot sponsor.

LWBW program facilitates the conversation between residential builders and tradies on how to build mental fitness and deal better with common work and life stressors.

LWBW collects solutions from the sector and relevant experts and shares these in digital format. Videos can be found on our social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, as well as here on our website.

We also provide onsite toolbox talks and present at contractor gatherings and construction association conferences.

While our foundation partner is the Mental Health Foundation, we do not offer counselling services. 

If you are seeking counselling services, we recommend visiting Mates in Construction. They have a 24/7 hotline. 

If you would like more information on mental health, we recommend visiting the Mental Health Foundation website.

You can contact us via our Contact Us Page or you can contact the Program Manager Rafael Caso directly via email or via mobile 021 868 229 

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All proceeds will go to support Live Well Build Well programmes which help the mental fitness and wellbeing of our NZ tradies.