Builders and tradies helping builders and tradies stay mentally fit in work and life.

What we do

Mental skills to keep the mind Fit Resilient Healthy at work

Investing in Wellbeing

We're all born with the capacity to well and healthy, but life's challenges can deplete our natural reserves. Wellbeing is like a bank account. If you - make regular investments, you'll have a reserve to draw from during tough times. It's about making consistent decisions to support your mental fitness so you can get through more difficult times when you need to.

A Guide for a Better Life

LIVE WELL BUILD WELL isn't about perfection. It's about embracing your humanity, finding what works for you, and making it your routine. We share what builders and tradies do to stay healthy.

Who We Are

Live Well, Build Well began in late 2022 to help residential construction workers improve their mental health and wellbeing. The initiative is backed by the Mental Health Foundation and ACC. Live Well, Build Well is designed to help builders and tradies increase mental strengths and fitness to be better able to deal with the demands of working in a demanding and constantly changing industry

How we work

We collect, document and share stories and information from builders and tradies about what is working for them to stay healthy and resilient. We also throw in some advice from mental fitness experts. Our focus is on the close connection between these four areas; how we think, what we do, our physical health, and our social relationships.

What we stand for

Mental Fitness -be your best self !


Life throws us curved balls. In order to recover from these, we need a good set of mental fitness tools in our toolkit.

Mental Fitness

Mental fitness is increasingly becoming the most important tool of success for business owners and workers.


Being mentally fit can reduce your chances of accident and injury, through being more alert, focussed and proactive on the job.

Community Matters

Many builders and tradies are already doing awesome things to protect and boost their mental health. this needs to be shared.

Get Involved

Many tradies already have great insights about how to manage workplace pressure. We want people to start sharing and discussing these ideas. So, there are lots of ways you can get Live Well, Build Well happening at your workplace.

Be Part of A Community

Join other builders and tradies who are making mental fitness and healthy work a priority, and share your story

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