Reframing Your Day: How to Turn Negative Situations into Positive Outcomes

We've all had those days where things just don't seem to go our way. It could be a rude coworker, a traffic jam, or a mistake we made that caused us to feel unhappy and stressed.

Difficult things happen throughout the day that can make us feel unhappy and stressed.

It might be something someone said, or something that has happened.

We can use a mental skill called ‘reframing’ to feel less negative and get better outcomes.

1. Rather than just see the negative, think about anything you could learn from the situation so things go better in the future.

2. Are there other explanations for what has happened that are less negative. Eg if someone was rude and ignorant to me, were they just having a bad day? Or did I get overly defensive?

3. Get some perspective – how important is this setback really in the overall scheme of things?

3. Try and find positive people to be around who will help you see any upsides and affirm your good qualities. Try to avoid people who are blamers and complainers.


Reframing is a powerful mental skill that can help us turn a negative situation into a positive outcome. By focusing on what we can learn, looking for alternative explanations, gaining perspective, and surrounding ourselves with positive people, we can reframe our day and achieve better results. Remember, we have the power to choose how we perceive our day and with practice, reframing can become an automatic response. So next time things don’t go your way, remember to take a step back and ask yourself, “How can I reframe this situation in a positive light?”

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